What To Pay Attention Before Choosing Car Stickers

What To Pay Attention Before Choosing Car Stickers

Car stickers can look very cool if you pay attention to several things. From the position of the sticker placement, the theme of the sticker motif to be installed, to determining the colour combination of the sticker. Car stickers with various colours and motifs will certainly make your car look different from before. Even the use of Bumper Stickers on the car, which is also the most concise and cheapest modification step, can still make the vehicle look different.

Now considering the car body is not too big, of course, the dimensions of the stickers that can be installed are also limited. But don’t worry, because knowing the right tricks and good colour combinations can make the sticker stand out on your car. Let’s know a few things when you want to install sticker modifications on the car.

– Determine the position. Before starting to modify the sticker on your car, you should first determine the position of the sticker placement later. Whether on the hood, on the front bumper, on the left and right doors, or the rear trunk door. Determining the position of the sticker placement is important to consider the dimensions of the sticker that will be used.

For a sticker on the hood, for example, of course, you have to consider the curve of the hood and also the position of the windshield washer. Likewise, for the sticker on the side of the body, you must pay attention to the position of the door handle and window glass so that access to the two components is not disturbed due to the presence of the sticker.

Meanwhile, if you want to install it on the rear trunk door, make sure the presence of the sticker does not interfere with the rear wiper or view towards the rear when driving.

– The appropriate sticker. After determining where to install the sticker, the next step is to determine the theme or image of the sticker to be pasted. You can customize the theme of this sticker image with the concept of the modification that will be made. It can also be simple stickers in the form of striping accents, or if you are confident enough then use animated characters or superheroes.

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