You Must Know This To Resurface A Concrete Patio

You Must Know This To Resurface A Concrete Patio

Before you can stain, paint or wash the surface of your concrete patio, you must clean it of debris that can spoil a good resurfacing job. First, remove all the furniture on your concrete patio. Place furniture in a place that is safe from splashes and mistakes. Next, use a large broom to sweep away any leaves, gravel, rocks, and fine dirt. If you wash the concrete before this step, you run the risk of creating mud that you can’t see until later. If you want to avoid such a risk, you can hire experts in concrete pavers New Orleans.

Removing debris and furniture is just one step towards ensuring a reloading experience of your concrete patio. Another vital step is cleaning the concrete. You can buy expensive cleaners that will do the job well, but many household cleaners work well here too.

You definitely need a water mixed with detergent inside of your pail. Use your stiff bristle brush, dipped in soapy water, to scrub the edges of the concrete, in cracks, and between slabs. Wire brushes can damage concrete.

If your patio contains other defects such as adhesive, use a paint thinner to disperse it. If grease or grease is spilled on the surface, you can remove it with a proper grease cleaner.

Finally, use a pressure washer to remove excess soap residue or dust. You may have to touch some parts of the concrete.

Before proceeding with resurfacing, you need to make sure the concrete is completely dry. The drying process depends on the weather, and it may take up to more than two days.

If you find any cracks or damage in the concrete, you will need to repair them before moving forward. Even the smallest holes and cracks can cause problems when you are lining a concrete patio.

Open your concrete crack repair kit and follow the instructions in the letter. Make sure to fill in all the gaps, pinholes, and holes in your patio. If you are satisfied with your filling job, you can sit down and wait for two days until the concrete heals and is ready.

Finally, use a sander to remove excess concrete. Continue until the surface is even. When finished, wash the surface thoroughly to remove concrete particles and dust.

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