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Heather Mundell

Heather Mundell, career coach

Whether you want a new job, a new career or to enhance your competitiveness in your current job, I can help you make the decisions and changes you need to excel in a career that’s just right for you.

I build on my background in corporate HR leadership and ten years of individual coaching experience to help careerists reach their full potential and thrive in their careers, inspiring them to take risks and dream big.

Don’t spend one more day feeling stalled, dissatisfied, or unsure. Click an option below to learn how working with me can help you achieve your vision of career happiness.

Career Launchers

Planning your first career?

It can be overwhelming trying to decide how to launch a career. What skills and experience can you leverage? What are employers looking for? What’s the best way to find a job? What do you want to do, anyway? I’ll help you answer these questions so you can be confidently prepared to find your first “real” job. READ MORE…

Career Transitioners

Considering a job or career change?

You might know you want a change but are stumped about exactly what you want to do or what’s even possible. Do you need a change in job function, industry, work environment, or maybe all of the above? I’ll help you map out a plan so you can pursue a new job or career that fits who you are and what you want. READ MORE…

Career Advancers

Are you dissatisfied in your current role? Are you at a plateau and feel ready for more responsibility and new challenges?

Whether you want to move into a higher level of management, are seeking your first supervisory role, or want to broaden your skill sets, you may feel unsure about what you need to do to advance your career. I’ll help you get a realistic picture of your strengths and what you need to develop in order to get where you want to go. READ MORE…

Job Seekers
Do you have a job target and are ready to make it happen?

Especially when you’re working full-time it can be hard to make the time and energy to search for a new job. How do you best use your limited available time? What are the most effective ways of tapping into your network of contacts? How do you know if your resume is doing a great job selling you? How will you answer the interview questions you’re most dreading? I’ll help you create and stick with a job search plan that’s realistic and doable. READ MORE…


“Just thought I would let you know that I’m LOVING my new job. It’s such a great fit. Thanks for helping me get to this place!”

T.D., Interior Designer, Seattle

“Thanks again for all your help during this process. It was invaluable to have that guidance, sounding board, and voice of reason to really help me recognize and address the struggles I was going through.”

D.R., Director of Engineering, Seattle

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heather mundell

Heather Mundell, career coach

Clients and mentors have described my coaching as frank, insightful, funny and warm.